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Résumé time, my favorite. I'm an empath, a loner, a clown, and a spend much of my time in existential crisis. Between working, parenting two kids (of whom I am lucky enough to have half time custody), playing music, cooking, tinkering, reading, and home projects...

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My favorite artists are writers first and performers second. This isn't to say that Loudon Wainwright III can't sing, or that Bruce Cockburn can't play the guitar, but their profound facility with the languange, and their connectedness to the emotional and spiritual world...

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I owe my musical life to my father, who supported and nurtured my love of music, taught me guitar, sang with me, and is the center of my connection with the Pacific Northwest's most excellent and reclusive folk music group, the "Sack of Hammers." Don't bother Googling us...

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What am I doing here...?

More than anything, my sincere hope is that you will download, listen to, enjoy, and share the music that I'm writing and recording. I'm still working through the best way to distribute my records, but for the moment I am planning upon keeping them up on I will keep this site updated with any new material that I produce, and unless someone takes notice, this is likely to be the only way that I distribute my content. Please feel free to get in contact with me using the email form on the contact page, and if you want to know when I release new records, or when I play out, you can track me at @rustvine_music. Obviously, should I make a little money doing this, I wouldn't mind that either, so you can throw a buck in the hat on the "Support" page if you want to.

I have two musical dreams. In the near term, I hope to be able to know beyond doubt that someone who is not known to me personally is listening to and enjoying my music. In the longer term, I aspire to one day be able to play shows for money, maybe even share a stage with one of my musical heroes. So in support of that dream, I'm humbly asking you to please help me evangelize these songs. I have no distribution network, no industry friends, and no desire to get all business-like about it. I only have you, my new friend, to help my song find a willing ear.

Latest News


Releasing the website to the world. Can't believe how nervous I am about this.


Thanks Jason S. for all of the testing and feedback, getting ready to release in just a few days.


Sending out website to friends for testing.


First website draft started. Just wrapped recording on Rustless last night. Very excited to finally have something to give people who ask for recordings.