Songs by
Jacob Greenleaf


A little boy in a love affair with the trees

a wooden bow and arrows - grass stains on his knees

He could tell you so many secret things

like how to find water and why the robin sings

which bird nests are gonna produce wings

and how to listen to the breeze

He's afraid to miss you or at least afraid to show it

He was always alone - just took you leavin' for him to know it

He should be angry, but he's fine

Alone is how he prefers to spend his time

He knows how easy it can be to shine

with no one there to see you blow it


He finds arrowheads in a Cascade stream

chucks 'em in the coffee can with grandpa's dream

At ten he puts childhood away

The robin's song says that's okay

It's all okay

Who can hear the pin drop in a crowded room

Who can smell the cherry blossoms two weeks before they bloom

A witness to things that no one ever sees

From the hollow at the core of laurel trees

how pollen clings to bumblebees

and how the storm clouds loom


It might take twenty-five years till he finds a voice

But when he does he'll try to tell you, he knows you had no choice

And when he grows into a man

He'll thank his own kids who helped him understand

that even though nothing ever goes to plan

There's always reasons to rejoice


And they'll find arrowheads in a Cascade stream

dropping down the rocky walls of some ravine

And when they want to stick around and play

He'll smile and say "that's okay"

It's all okay