Songs by
Jacob Greenleaf

Bumper Sticker Wisdom

You're certain of the trust you place; your detainee and your refugee

Certain of the faith you place in me

Cause you're so bright and you know you're right

And you like me so you're sure that we must agree

And while it's true I might have thought like you; of the world I'd seen at seventeen

Nothing more noble than acceptance, and nothing worse than being mean

Think with your heart, it's just not smart

I have more questions after all I've done and seen


Because it's complicated; you can't put it in a song

You'd like if it were simple; That way you could be sure that I was wrong

That bumper-sticker wisdom so obvious to youth

Is simply too one-dimensional to be the whole truth

Grow a trunk to scratch your ass's back; tax the greens to feed the war machines

Think of the children, or Jesus, or Middle East regimes

Go vote your voice you think you have a choice

Your lesser evil is the same grotesque obscene

Try to reduce it to the most obtuse, strain it out, something to chant about

Stakes so high, there's no room for doubt

Use simple words or you won't be heard

Some meaning's lost - you think the message can do without


Roll your eyes and criticize, I'm so wrong - it's a stupid song

Well after all it's just six stanzas long

If you're inclined to pay me any mind

You'll get that that's what I've been saying all along