Songs by
Jacob Greenleaf

Supporting This Project

Right now, it isn't possible for me to quit my engineering job and go on tour, but dreaming big, I'd love to be able to do music for a living. And while, as of this writing, I don't even make enough doing this to keep myself in fresh guitar strings, let alone break-even on the microphones in my cabinet, in this age of technological miracles, I'm willing to allow myself the fantasy of a musical career. So here is my online hat. Should I ever be able to make a go of touring the world playing, it will be because you filled my hat to the point where I couldn't deny being called to do so, and I will dive in without hesitation. That said, if you are thinking about contributing, please read on.

First and foremost, only contribute if you are moved to do so

My deepest solemn wish is that these songs really reach others in the world, and contributions are the best indicator of a real, personal, meaningful connection. If you are thinking of contributing to this effort because of a sense of obligation, please don't. I would much rather know that every dollar in the hat represents a personal connection than to have a few more dollars.

Second, before you send a dime, share these songs

The most humbling gesture of your esteem is to know that you passed my work along to your friends and family. Without your network, these songs won't be heard by anyone who doesn't know me personally. If you are hearing these for the first time, they have almost certainly found you by way of our shared friend-network. My greatest joy in life is knowing that I've been lucky enough to better the life of another. So please send the URL to anyone whom you think would appreciate this music.

Third, any amount, so long as it's love

People often have some recommended donation amount for records, tracks, etc. but I prefer to leave that to you. Again, just knowing that it meant enough to contribute something is magnificent to me. If you are moved by love to contribute, I'll feel it regardless of the amount.

Finally, a couple of possibilities

I am including links below both for my paypal account, for one-time contributions (such as if you feel compelled to "buy" one of my free recordings), and to my patreon account, should you want to support this work on an ongoing basis.