Songs by
Jacob Greenleaf

Corner Boys

The corner boys shot the streetlight out, they were just trying to give us something to laugh about

Watching me and Matilda dance down the dark of the empty street

Twenty years gone; all I've got left is this song, with its volumes of pages on how we went wrong

And the streetlight's back on, but I can't seem to find my feet

Riding bikes down the Sunday trail past the rain-rusted ramparts of the liberty rail

I'm consumed with her smell, earth, and seaweed, and sweet

Home to work, to home and back to work as it goes; hunting traces of that memory in the back of my nose

Mapping the way that these holes leave me incomplete


Cause I'm not looking for love, I'm just doing the dishes

Folding the laundry, paying my bills

I've been saving the last one of these three little wishes

against the next time my heart stands still

I've got no more devotion

I'm a prisoner of my own free will

The corner boys have all quit hustling pool, their done with tagging mailboxes and cutting school

it's nice to be by myself in the quiet of my hometown dive

Yeah I'm still here but I've been thinking I would quit, if I could only muster spine enough to give a shit

Counting days in the dark is the only way I seem to know I'm alive


I can feel you out there like a hawk on the wing, waiting on the day I poke my head up to sing

Then it's talons through my chest, high into waking night

But for that I'd have to leave my prison pen, and the corner boys still come to visit now and then

Say what you want, at least here I know I'm alright