Songs by
Jacob Greenleaf

Everybody's Happy

I'm fertile as the desert, I'm as balmy as the moon.

I'm as gentle as the ocean, calm as a typhoon

I'm as cuddly as a cactus, and just as welcome as the flu

I can see it in their faces, they say "what the hell is wrong with you?"


Why are you so unhappy when everything is fine?

The world goes right on spinnin', like it's part of the design

I do my best to fit in, you know I'd like to make it mine

because everybody's so damn happy all the time

We met upon a midnight, new moon up above

It was way too dark to see me, or know what I meant by "love"

Midnight still in my eyes, won't reflect the morning blue

I can hear the question coming, "say please tell me true..."



The little things I try to stick a reason on the time gone by

The way I write my name across the sky

Gets more feeble every day

And the emptiness beneath the ripples of the meaningless

Is not the origin of my distress

More like it's calling me away

So show me how you do it, make me more like you.

I want to know what team is winning, I wanna care what famous people do.

It must be like an endless summer, the way you're sure beyond a doubt

That your being here has meaning, and you've got time to work it out


So why am I unhappy...