Songs by
Jacob Greenleaf

Frozen Ocean

Salt flats beside the frozen ocean; I finally got my wish today

This empty home, long since disowned; no one who wished that I had stayed

Between the gravel road horizon, and salt-grass margin of the sea

What could I do - be more like you, not care for anyone but me?


You leech the sultry sun from summer days

When you use words like "love" and "home"

How they slice and dance in what you say

Every lie through flesh and bone

I'm overthrown

What I've learned is I need to be alone

No pulse in your porcelain perfection; just poisoned daggers in your smile

Weep jagged stone, you're so alone, no victim's ever worth your while

No aid to cure this deformation, no antiseptic for the wound

Shame's made it so no one can know, so your secret never leaves this room


Settled this side of the cyclone, still wouldn't warn the next in line

His soul will bleed so you can feed, can't care so long as it ain't mine