Songs by
Jacob Greenleaf

Going Anyway

He takes his time - he shakes the scent of her body off

Breathes deep - it makes him feel like he's man enough

But she won't set him down until she has to go

Eclipsing all he knows with that familiar sting

His heart clings

Slips out the door - up the stairs from the cafe bookstore to the street

He's soaking wet - trying to forget; the rain around his feet

Wincing and wishing he'd been born immune

But how that summer moon's remembered tune just rings

His heart clings

Try to wash away that old cliché,

Regret, he hasn't done it yet, but you can bet he'll try

Even if it's as original as auld lang syne

The words are hard to find when they mean 'goodbye'

Now he's lying - taxi back-seat pointed home again

Heart aches from yearning - his mind is tired of trying to comprehend

He'd like to fly but she's inside his head

A mix of joy and dread, instead has clipped his wings

His heart clings

Back at home - the silent room is heavy on his chest

He could put on music - chooses instead to sit and self-assess

(Second guess what he should have said)

And wonder if it's possible she feels the same

Then softly speak her name to the song the silence sings

His heart clings

Savor all the sadness that you can't let go

Drink deep and know you'll never be complete

Try to stand up - although you're fettered to that knowing how

It's probably better now admitting your defeat

This icy lake - make no mistake, it feels like a sunny day

So what if he's drowning - he'd take this over going any other way

Lifting the shell his heart is so entwined

It's endlessly unkind, the longing that it brings

His heart clings

This isn't the first time we've been down this road

Scars it has bestowed still pinch when stretched today

Now admit that even though you know just where it leads

That doesn't mean that you aren't going anyway

You're going anyway

Going anyway