Songs by
Jacob Greenleaf

Golden Ball

Jeannie spinning round the clearing

The guardian nymph, the Roman well

Flowers springing where her feet touch ground

And I beside under her spell

Climbs to mount the stone retainer

In palm outstretched the golden ball

Across her shoulder locks her emerald eyes to mine

Then turns her hand to let it fall


The heavy weight of longing

Echoing "prove your love to me."

Through this absent sense of belonging

How did I ever get so free?

And so I followed without question

Into the cold abyss below

Tracing a thread back through the labyrinth of time

Seeking the proof from long ago

Three lifetimes over have I wandered

Still looking for that golden ball

Jeannie's face and warm embrace

beyond the reach of my recall


Sunlight playing on my eyelids

Golden reflections from the stream

The love I thought I'd lost forever

Waking me gently from a dream


I only wish you knew me

The way I now know you

A slow-healing part of my long broken heart

The soul of life reborn anew