Songs by
Jacob Greenleaf

Hard Times

It's hard times, when I try to figure out

everything we said, all the shit we fight about

When we get done and you want to move away

It's hard hard times today

It's hard times when people keep on saying

I'm a man who's worked it out but I'm really only playing

The truth, I'm just a kid who's just too big to run and hide

It's hard times standing by my side


Hard times got the winter coming on

All I want to do is rest but I just have to battle on

When all the fun is all gone and the coffee's cold

And the young at heart just can't stop getting old

It's hard times looking in your eyes

And seeing doubt, are you starting to realize

That I might just be broken and that some things can't be fixed?

It's hard times then the needle skips

It's hard times and there's no amount of money

makes it easier to live, and though I know that might sound funny

When the winter days ain't sunny and more lie ahead

It's hard times get me out of bed


It's hard times looking for a reason

To be be the bigger man, somehow get beyond this season

String my ego up for treason, singing just to hear the song

It's hard times pulling me along