Songs by
Jacob Greenleaf


Let's get that homework done, I still see cauliflower on your plate

No, we can't watch TV; school in the morning and it's much too late

Please don't say 'lay' when you mean 'lie'

I know you're sleepy, so am I

Come read me 'Goodnight Moon', I'm in the living room and it's on the shelf

You've got ten minutes left; and that clarinet ain't gonna play itself

no cookies till the work is done.

Okay, but only one.


I love you more than a catnap in the sunshine

I miss you so when you have to go away

And know that no matter what you ever do or say

It's always gonna be that way

This problem's not so tough, I think you've got the stuff to see it through

Don't take it all at once, I'd break it down a bit if I were you

Looks like to me - you've got it now,

and I'm so proud that you know how

Your turn to sweep the floor, and check behind the door, it's bad back there

And I've begun to think those dishes by the sink might go somewhere

I'll vacuum underneath your bed,

well if you want to go ahead