Songs by
Jacob Greenleaf

Island Time

Woke up and remembered this amazing dream; poppy knots dot a field of green

Apple trees in a drunken lean - felt like going home

Parked on the front porch spitting seeds, chucking rocks at tumbleweeds

Blowing notes over river reeds - feels like going home


Takin' life in island-time, dappled sun beneath the grapevine

White peach and cherry wine, green chilies with garlic and piquant lime

Sweet well water to wash it down, dirt road - you wanna go to town

So grab a guitar and hang around - everything is gonna be fine

There's a blue bottle flute to whistle in the wind, when the rain patters on the tin

Light up a fire, bring the cat back in - feels like going home

Stained glass panel dangled from a chain, against the inside of the windowpane

Paints with the sunlight, obscures the rain - feels like going home



I've been at this desk since six-o-nine, I should be debugging this code of mine

Instead I'm sitting spinning rhyme, trying to make it to quittin' time

About the kayak tethered on the lake, the smell of scones I just put in to bake

And all of the good friends who might partake - feels like going home

But life just keeps on getting in the way, spread my wings, I'm dragged into the fray

Do hope that I get there someday - feels like going home


Now for those who find my writing difficult to ken, here's one so simple you can jump right in

Makes no demands, leads you by the chin - feels like going home

It's not depressing, it's got no shades of gray, the whole thing's based upon this musical cliché

It's condescending but you like it that way - feels like going home


Takin' life in island-time, saccharin sentiment and cheap rhyme

Glib images all in a line like "green chilies with garlic and piquant lime"

Got three verses and a chorus too, a minor bridge to drive the point on home to you

So enjoy it, what else you gonna do? Everything is gonna be, you know it's gonna be

Everything is gonna be fine