Songs by
Jacob Greenleaf

It Was You

I'll admit that I've got mental issues; I've begun to think the shrink may have me cold

It's pretty clear that I've been wrong just as often as I don't belong

It's obvious I don't lay eggs of gold

I used to think that if I just tried harder, then I could pull that execration through

All those years I couldn't see the problem wasn't ever me

The problem that we had, my dear, was you

I used to think I'd love your spontaneity; to know that you'd be ever a surprise

To feel that when I'd hit a rut you'd help to get me off my butt

If ever such a problem should arise

But all surprises aren't created equal; a lesson that I've learned a little late

The honeymoon is sure to end, "surprise! I'm fucking your best friend!"

Isn't spontaneity just great


It was you, it was always you

The single most important person on the earth that you ever knew

It was you, I just wish you knew it too

I've never met someone so rotten through and through

And in spite of all the things I tried to do

I could never fix the problem, it was you

Remember when you thought that you were barren, I told you I was sure that wasn't true

It's obvious now looking back you really had the inside track

I should have had so much more faith in you

And when you said that I was too good for you; well that's the understatement of all time

It wasn't a surprise you know, fact is I knew that long ago

And that's the way I made your problem mine

Cause who's at fault for not seeing this coming; and who's to blame if I get taken in?

If the answer isn't plain to see when I ask myself "what's wrong with me?"

How can I know I won't do that again?

But I expected better - that's the problem; and even now I still don't have a clue

Although I know it's just absurd, I still want to take you at your word

When you've made it clear you do not care what's true