Songs by
Jacob Greenleaf

Jack Pine

Feels like I've been wasting my time

Like I've been holding on a telephone line

Looking at the world from the side

Dragging me along for the ride

And I know what it means to have unfulfilled dreams

In an endless routine on an aimless tide

But all the things I've waited to be

Now seems like they were waiting for me

The callus of my thickening skin

I got waiting on my ship to come in

I know now why I withdrew, reborn anew

Please forgive what you knew, my shriveled, hollow twin

Even folks who've treated me kind

Will sometimes say that I've lost my mind

And any anyone who saw me begin

Knows I ain't the man that I've been

This transformation of mine, like that old Jack Pine

It needed fire by design, behold what sleeps within