Songs by
Jacob Greenleaf

Just My Style

Tuesday night cafe

cappuccino swirl

Dunk biscotti feel so naughty watching pretty girl walk by, oh my

So I say "hi, why so shy?"

How you meet my eyes, but hide your smile

You know you're just my style

Sit down, turn around

Tell me where you been

Maine by way of Santa Fe still tryin' to settle in out here, oh dear

Let me be clear, I'd volunteer

To be your guide, c'mon let's wander round a while

You know you're just my style


It should be upsetting how I'm sweating, letting fretting get the best of me

How am I forgetting my regretting when my heart conducts the rest of me

Still this elation, titillation is the station that I'm tuned in to

And I'd take you over reason by a mile

You know you're just my style

Fresh cup, I get up

Make to step around

We touch, it's just a brush but lightning touching down I feel, unreal

I keep my keel, like it ain't no big deal

But I still have to try not to stumble in the aisle

You know you're just my style

Clock slow, time to go

They're putting up the chairs

I can see you wait for me, halfway down the stairs outside, it's like I've died

Can't be denied, not like I tried

So here I go again, getting my fire by trial

You know you're just my style