Songs by
Jacob Greenleaf

Lost Love

Lost love doesn't hurt the way it used to

My heart just can't be broken like it was new

When I sit and ponder me the way I know I used to be

I'm glad I can't remember you like I could do

A broken heart's still painful as it should be

I can't imagine what could ever make me

Pine the way I know I pined the day that you left me behind

And wished like hell that I could make you take me

You may say that I've gone blind

The world could burn, I wouldn't mind

All those loose ends I've left untied

The door left closed, the latch untried

Perfect times we had they're all behind me

Memories in the quiet times remind me

That I will never ever know the way that our lives didn't go

And that I will never see our perfect little family

The way it was supposed to be

Me for you and you with me

Lost love just don't hurt like that, it's true

Not since you