Songs by
Jacob Greenleaf

Song Lyrics

The Lyrics are the backbone of the song.

More than singing, playing, harmonizing, or arranging, for me, great lyric writing is the very essence of a great song, and what draws me to other players. I've been stupefied more than once by a well crafted phrase, and have even wept in front of strangers when a lyric strikes me in a certain way.

I spend a lot of time working and reworking words in the hope that one day I might chance to write something as powerful and moving as... say Horses by Peter Mulvey or Lancelot by Dave Carter. I hope that if that day ever comes, I'll know it. Mostly, writing song lyrics feels like some outrageous torture, even when it's going well.

It used to be that I would write something, like it less the next day, and slowly grow to hate it over the next few weeks, now I either like what I've written pretty quickly and for a long time, or I find it irreparably crappy and fight with it for months or years hopelessly trying to shape up something I should abandon. Everything here is something I like.

I am including all of my lyrics here, as I absolutely detest seeking lyrics for other people's works on Internet lyric sites, which are the online equivalent of seedy pawn shops. Should anyone ever want to find out what I said in that song about the Iguana... it'll be right here.