Songs by
Jacob Greenleaf

No Promises

I once knew the right way of living

Drank water in place of my wine

My energy centered, I did yoga, I entered

Each day with a receptive mind

Temperance my watchword and countersign

I promised to never do harm

But these days I'm more risky, eat burgers, drink whisky

And always sleep past my alarm


No promises will be unbroken

Only time between you and the truth

I've lived as a dead man, you heard what I said man

the dead know that time holds the proof

So make all your plans for the future

My benediction the best you can do

Will still leave no promise unbroken

And that's my solemn promise to you

I willingly lay on the altar

I smiled as she sharpened her knives

She whispered a spell to the chapel bell's knell

And we promised the rest of our lives

The operation was over by sundown

And I gingerly sat up in bed

A salt stone in the part that once cradled my heart

And a sponge left inside of my head



From this moment on I'll be sovereign

From this moment on I won't stress

no more lovers haze until the end of my days

From now on I'll never obsess

I promise to always be ready

and I promise to always be kind

and I'll never request more than I can digest

and I'll get into bed right on time


My songs seem to need explanation

And this one's no different I fear

Please don't think me drastic, I'm just being sarcastic

Here's the point in a way that's more clear

The truth is words often are useless

And that most folks have way too little doubt

I'm using irony, just trying to be fonny

And airing my bad choices out