Songs by
Jacob Greenleaf

Normal For You

Watching her pull shots down at the java spot, green hair to spark an emerald labret

Somewhere South of Mendocino he sits sipping cappuccino and occasionally looking her way

He's got Giger tattoos, pointy Fluevog shoes and a Moleskine for sketches and quotes

Hoping his infatuation will get her affirmation when he slips her his clandestine notes

"Now let me see, baby maybe you and me could get familiar at an indie rock show

But say that ain't your scene, if you're still game, I mean, I make a mean plate of beef Bordeaux

You know I can flex, we could go get us some Mexican food at Tropisueno too

Or maybe go for a movie, give me time, let me prove that baby I could get so normal for you."


Yeah, normal for you, so normal for you

Sit with our golden retriever watching "Leave it to Beaver" and picking up the kids from school

Go get some debt and a pool, get me a shop vac too

I know I found me a winner, come and sit down to dinner, baby I could get so normal for you

She's got a built-in apprehension for hipster attention, she can smell 'em from a mile away

But something about him makes her pause in her doubt, he's not the kind of guy you see everyday

So she says "well alright then, how 'bout Saturday night we get a burger at the four one two...

And maybe after a drink?" but all along she's just thinking "baby I could get so normal for you."



The jogging stroller and the Toyota Corolla they told themselves were little white lies

Time off in Waikiki, the flat screen TV, they can see it in each other's eyes

About 10 years on, all of their pretense gone, and forty extra pounds between 'em

Gone from punk kamikaze to Harriet and Ozzie, words fail man you just should've seen 'em

Living life undercover, now they've begun to discover something everybody already knew

We only do it for show, see just how far we will go when we pretend that we're so normal for you


Yeah, normal for you, so normal for you

Keeping up with the Jones', watching Game of Thrones, and paying when the bills come due

It's what we all have to do, this is how we get through

So we've made the deal, but don't you think it's for real, the way we always look so normal for you