Songs by
Jacob Greenleaf

Please Take Care

Come with me baby - barefoot on the ice tonight

This might sound crazy - but I've lived this way all my life

You build up this protective shell

I used to be just tough as hell till you were born

Your little hand closed - tiny fingers trusting mine

And when the wind blows - I feel the shiver down your spine

The little soul is so exposed

Tears at how the willow bows under the moon


Still the roaring of my heart

I hear the beating of your wings

You carry me when you depart

Know it's dangerous out there

Please take care

Before I knew you - I was indestructible

Every obstruction - fell beneath my gentle pull

Now I quail when shadows shake

Afraid of every dumb mistake I make with you

Can you forgive me - I was only dreaming then

Seeing what you see - I get to begin again

And pass beyond the garden wall

Listen to the sparrow call, and see the dew fall


Once I could hold you - cradled in one swinging arm

I could protect you, a light in dark, a shield from harm

But here upon this winter night

Tender steps to venture flight into the world