Songs by
Jacob Greenleaf


We alight, lift in flight; falling snow will make the night silently go

Eyes that say come this way to the glow that calls away all the things that we know

Cold hand in my pocket as we walk

Twilight on the clock the dawn is coming soon

Shed the pre-dawn darkness in her eyes

The sun will shortly rise and tell the setting moon

I set fire to this room

Severing the silver string lift the stone on pillowed wing to fearless unknown

Bitter cold then loses hold and so the fear will then unfold into the clear

Chatter turns to silence in the heart

The world is torn apart, the sacred and profane

Scatter past the boundaries of the play

Carrying away the yearning to explain

What is true will remain

We succumb, bodies numb, as we return the sleep will come and ask what we learned

But though we strain we can't contain as we descend we don't retain the means to transcend

Warmth of covered bodies taking rest

like a baby at the breast, the sheltering embrace

The vastness of the universe outside

Its oneness will subside but leave behind this trace

Here in this moment is grace

Now though this rut has rusted shut that memory it still can cut some lost part of me

And when I bleed it waters seed which cracks cement the sprouting reed my spirit's ascent

Warmth of covered body taking rest

opening my chest, empty of concern

The vastness of the universe inside

the window open wide awaiting my return

My son what did you learn?