Songs by
Jacob Greenleaf

Taking On Water

It's early in the morning, everybody else in bed

And I'm in over my head, I'm takin' on water

I'm up looking for the cure for being so unsure

Instead of sleepin' like I oughta

There ain't nobody listenin' - It's a freedom in the hour

Just like singing in the shower; only me to hear me croakin'

I'm both the watcher and the mirror; seems like the world might come through clearer

If I wasn't broken


But there's time to fill while the waters rise

There's tears to spill; joy to touch my eyes

It's the weight of the world, to live that perfect life

When will I realize - what's been there all along

Before I even know I'm here I'll be gone

Scanning the horizon, I'm waitin' on the end

It takes a loyal friend to stand this vigil I've been keepin'

Look through the keyhole of my dreams, the unraveling of seams

Shadows softly weeping

I can see you want to save me, but I'm always out of reach

You stand there staring on the beach, while I idle in the eddy

I'm getting deeper by degree, your hand reached out to me

Makes me sorry I ain't ready


I take the little six-string, and I hang it on the wall

Is that a flicker I hear call, or some early morning raven?

Spinning twilight into song, renew my will to play along

and savor what's worth saving



And while there's nothing right there's also nothing wrong

Because before I even know I'm here...