Songs by
Jacob Greenleaf

Teased Apart

I can't remember the last time I believed

That there was only one girl in the world for me

I think it was probably you but there may have been one or two

In between now and the time you said you had to leave

Little blackbird close your eyes

Try to see me through this old disguise

I am still waiting for the sun to rise on the darkness in my heart

I have grown up a lot since way back then

But still can cry when I remember when

I wish I could believe like that again once before I must depart

And feel the wholeness of the things I teased apart

I have let Thursday roam beyond my land

I'd hoped one day that I could make her understand

The fantasy may hide a knife, it's still one of the best parts of my life

and I've kept holding on although the blade cuts through my hand

Little blackbird I've come to see

I never could be what you asked of me

I have no doubt that we would both agree, although you won't hear me confess

You always knew that I would never bend

And know that even though I would pretend

Eventually my lie would have to end and the dream would acquiesce

Crippled by the weight of wrongs I can't redress

I'm wondering now at how the time has slipped away

Since you and I met at the Last Exit cafe

I have this picture in my memory: you perching out there on the balcony

The wind behind me in the shelter of a sunny day

Little blackbird I hope you know

That even if I'm bad from head to toe

The truth to tell is that I love you so, and it has been from the start

If I've been silent out here all this time

It's not because I'm paying for my crime

I'm simply waiting for the bells to chime out that song that's in my heart

Pick up the pieces of the things you teased apart