Songs by
Jacob Greenleaf

The Hunt

Kneeling down beside the river, one last message to deliver

A final arrow in his quiver silent as he lies

Sight alights upon the quarry, aims to claim his father's glory

A bitter and foreshortened story; empty handed cries

Frigid is the rolling river, wade in till I start to shiver

In my chest an icy sliver slips unnoticed by

Bloodied feet upon the shore will carry all my weight before

I cannot feel them anymore; I cannot even try


Which without I have to doubt I'll make it back this time

Wonder where this winding stair will see our hearts entwine

Swift the stag and cold the rain and snow beneath my feet

Death is the trade we make to be alive

I never once intended to survive

Scrabbles up the misty shale, bow discarded down the trail

Listens through the mountain veil for hoof-beats on the stone

Sniffs the air to find his way, eyes the ground for signs of prey

The hunt is ever underway, there is no going home

Just one task to execute, my heart is pumping resolute

my animal is in pursuit, remembering by blood

Steel extending from my hand, no malice in my reprimand

No time to climb this spit of sand before the coming flood


Strongly smell his resignation, waiting on this consummation

in his eyes no accusation, only wonder why

Feel the moment drawing near, our separateness will disappear

Down my cheek a single tear is whispering goodbye

Pouncing to the ledge below, time elongates with the blow

Crimson brine a viscous flow around the piercing steel

The two at last becoming one, for I am he and he undone

The serpent and the setting sun, the staddle and the wheel