Songs by
Jacob Greenleaf

Songs for Reference

I spend a great deal of my time working (you know, for money), parenting, cooking, tinkering, housekeeping, and otherwise avoiding my musical instruments, audiences, and other things that might keep my songs fresh enough to play on queue. On several occasions, I've found myself staring at a lyric that I know beyond doubt had a piece of guitar accompanying it, and a melody... which I cannot for the life of me remember. It's frustrating to be unable to remember something that I, myself, created. This has caused me to start making youtube videos for myself, just so that I can look back at them later and see how that song went. It's also nice to think that you might go and listen to them too, so that you can get a sense of what might come out on a future album. They're mostly for me, and as such I've not taken great care in how well I play them, how great the sound quality is, etc. Still in all, youtube makes a fine reference repository.