Songs by
Jacob Greenleaf

Where Are You

Where are you my daughter; where are you my son?

This house feels so empty when our time is done

Not that I get lonely - no, I like to be alone

Still I worry for your hearts when you’re not home

Winter’s got his coat off, nights are getting long

I keep the home fire burning, I keep the porch light on

Precious independence, ascending grace

How can I warn you about the lies you face?


Because I have been betrayed by the ones I trust

It’s so much worse, them thinking themselves just

I knew I had to run away, I lost my faith along the way

and burned some sturdy bridges into dust

I pray the same thing don’t become of us

They project transcendence, they talk of love and art

A beatific mask to hide the darkest heart

They come to you with presents, promises and praise

and never feel a hint of guilt, say what they want to say

I’m sitting by the wood stove, awaiting your return

Pluck the guitar softly, some new song to learn

When you’re back in my arms I’ll hold you tight

Try to make you ready for the coming night


Please say the same thing won't become of us